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70cm! ?

?Satin stainless steel finish with anti-scratch protection to increase its resistance and facilitate cleaning
?5 Series III gas valve burners, including 1 high power triple burner, ideal for very fast cooking, ensuring professional effects through comprehensive heating from the inside to the edges of pots and pans
?The new Sabaf Series III burners have extraordinary properties that make them unmatched in the world: performance at the highest level and emission reduced to a minimum
?Natural gas nozzle fitted as standard (optional nozzle on PB on customer’s request)
?Electronic switch integrated with the knob
?Gaz-Stop protection – all kitchens meet CEE safety standards, and each burner is equipped with a Gaz-Stop system that immediately blocks the gas supply in the event of a flame extinguishing
?Cast iron grate – unchanging over time and practical in cleaning. Recommended for frequent and intensive use of the hob
?Ergonomic and elegant, athermic thanks to the innovative control panel fitted to the whole device, which guarantees maximum protection against heat and steam after opening the oven
?The hob of every Lofra kitchen is made of one element. The goal is to avoid joints and crevices where dirt can accumulate easily and is harder to remove

Petroni, Valley Road, Birkirkara

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