Haier | XIB6B2D3FB


  • 16 Placings
  • B [New Energy Label]
  • 9 Programs
  • Automatic Programs
  • Automatic Door Opening
  • Self Cleaning Filter System
  • Antibacterial Filter
  • Connectivity VIA hOn App
  • Adjustable Upper Basket (With Easy Click)
  • Dimensions: 82cm X 59.8cm X 55cm

Warranty: 5 Years Motor, 2 Years Parts and Labour

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Dishwashers Series 4
Haier’s Dishwashers Series 4 dishwasher will bring you the latest technological innovations, providing tailor-made solutions to enhance your daily life. This dishwasher is synonymous with Top Performance thanks to the innovative Inverter Motor which guarantees Energy Class B.

Model NoXIB6B2D3FB
InstallationBuilt In
No of Placings16
Energy ClassB [New Energy Label]
Energy Consumption (for 100 cycles)66
Water Consumption (per cycle)10.5
Noise dB (A)42
No of Programs9
Automatic ProgramsYes
Half LoadNo
End of Cycle IndicatorYes, with Buzzer
Self Exhaustion IndicatorYes
Rinse Aid IndicatorNo
Delay Start1-23HRS
Antibacterial Filter (ABT)Yes
ConnectivityAdvanced Remote Control & Extra Content
Automatic Door OpeningYes
Adjustable Upper Basket Yes, with easy click
Lower Basket Anti-Fall BlockYes
Self-Cleaning Filter SystemYes
Current (A)10
Voltage (V)230
Dimensions (Height X Depth X Width) cm82cm X 59.8cm X 55cm
Gross Weight39.5KGS
Net Weight36.9KGS

Enjoy the silence
A dishwasher that offers the highest level of silence combined with the best performance. Haier’s Ultra Silence technology guarantees a cycle with the lowest noise level (up to 40db) with maximum performance provided by the Brushless Inverter Motor.

The highest level of energy savings
Thanks to the efficient Brushless Inverter Motor, your dishwasher reaches the new Energy Class B. Haier’s technology provides high performance programs with the lowest consumption level on the market.

Optimal drying performance
Get the best drying performance along with reduced energy consumption. The Automatic Open Door is a system that provides for the door opening by 10 centimeters at the end of the cycle. This allows the air to circulate to dry the dishes naturally.

Multilingual touch screen
Haier dishwashers are equipped with a touch screen system that can speak to you in 25 languages, to offer you an intuitive and easy to use experience.

Cutting-edge innovation for dishwashers
Haier’s Brushless Inverter motor is the best solution for your dishwasher, it allows you to reduce noise and vibrations. Furthermore, it reduces energy and water consumption, reaching the best energy saving class according to the new European label.

A cleaner machine means cleaner dishes
The new antibacterial filter (ABT®) reduces the proliferation of bacteria where food deposits accumulate more easily during washing cycles. Tests have shown that the ABT® filter reduces bacteria levels by almost 100% after 24 hours, ensuring a much more hygienic interior space, cleaner washes and a reduction in exposure to potential allergens.

Technology to remove all types of dirt
Remove dirt without wasting energy or water. Thanks to the Soil Sensor, your Haier dishwasher can quantify the dirt present in the water during the entire washing cycle. In this way the washing parameters are automatically adapted, allowing you to obtain the best results with optimal water and energy consumption.

Easily set the perfect wash program
Smart Load Sensor is the intelligent load sensor. Thanks to this innovative sensor, the dishwasher will be able to regulate and optimize energy and water consumption based on the estimated load. Then, it will automatically set the water load, washing temperature and washing time.

Steam function for excellent cleaning and sanitizing
Remove stubborn stains and bacteria without pre-washing thanks to the Steam Plus 75 ° program. Through this innovation, a special cleaning and sanitizing steam is generated, which brings the temperature of the dishwasher up to 75 ° C both in the washing and rinsing phases.

Connect to the best washing experience
Use the hOn app to achieve outstanding results with maximum efficiency. The Washing Lens function automatically detects the quantity, type, material and position of your dishes through a photo of the dishwasher basket to suggest customized washing parameters based on the load and to obtain the perfect wash cycle.

A customizable space for the best cleaning results
Change the internal conformation of the dishwasher according to your needs, thanks to the versatility of Active-Pro Basket. Haier’s new lower basket features 8 comb lines that can be raised or lowered to gain more space. This allows you to accommodate all types of dishes in the most flexible and convenient way without sacrificing the quality of cleaning.

Larger and more flexible space for your dishes
Thanks to the exceptional and flexible internal space, Haier dishwashers can accommodate and clean up to 16 place settings, or up to 184 separate dishes. This is the highest capacity on the market for standard 60cm dishwashers.

A sign to avoid water leaks
Prevent water leaks caused by deteriorated pipes with AquaStop. This device is located on the feed tube. In the event that the hose needs to be replaced, a red signal appears and the water flow is interrupted.

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