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    Meliconi | 656112

    Original price was: €138.00.Current price is: €115.00.

    Stacking set for dryer and washing machine with pull-out drawer with 28 L capacity. Including 6 m safety belt with metal buckle (no screws required).

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    Meliconi | 656113

    Original price was: €86.00.Current price is: €69.00.

    Saves space as you can place your dryer above your washing machine. Compatible with all front-loading washing machines and dryers and a depth of more than 60 cm.

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    Meliconi | 656115

    Original price was: €78.00.Current price is: €48.00.

    BASE TORRE STYLE is the technopolymer overlap kit for overlapping washing machine and dryer. Universal design, compatible with 60 cm wide and 60 cm deep.

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    Meliconi | 656141

    Original price was: €119.00.Current price is: €55.00.

    Metal frame on wheels with anti-vibration system. Depth adjustable from 44 to 60 cm. Suitable for appliances with a depth of 38-60 cm. Universal design.

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    Meliconi | 656145

    Original price was: €149.00.Current price is: €123.00.

    Technopolymer elevator for washing machine or dryer. Raises the appliance 30 cm off the floor, making it easier to clean the floor and more convenient to use.