Introducing an easier way to clean your laundry

Energy-efficient and built to last, our washing machines and dryers clean your clothes perfectly, load after load.

Laundry Machines

Professional results at home

Our washing machines and tumble dryers adapt to your lifestyle so you can do the things you love. Thanks to the Direct Motion motor, these discreet washing machines and tumble dryers work with incredible efficiency and extremely low noise levels, as well as offering a large capacity that saves you time.


Stacking kits

The new Meliconi Stacking Kits, which allow you to place a tumble dryer on top of washing machine, offer you the most efficient use of your laundry room. They are stable, reliable and simple solution for the smart use of vertical space. Available in different models, made of high-quality materials and with different technical features. We also offer technopolymer plinths for appliances.

From €63900

Tumble Dryers

No more drying racks in the house! Haier tumble dryers, which can be placed next to or stacked on top of the washing machine, solve the space problem and guarantee a professional cleaning result, while optimizing the consumption of electricity, water and detergents. Every single feature has been designed to improve performance while reducing noise levels and energy consumption. 

From €49900

Washing Machines

Haier offers washing machines with professional results: intelligent and quiet. The washing machine technology ensures clean, germ-free laundry with every wash and destroys 99% of the most common bacteria – the answer for those looking for top performance. Efficient, reliable and quiet motors and smart, connected Haier technology help you choose the best washing solution.