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This sleek, modern and brushed stainless steel minimalistic design adds an elegant touch to any kitchen. Being that this fridge freezer comes packed with Haier’s innovative performance features, it saves you money and keeps food fresher for longer.

With A++ energy class this fridge-freezer uses up to 40% less energy compared with an A++ energy rated appliance. Three separate airflows backed by an inverter compressor (Covered by 10 Years Warranty) allow precise temperature control to keep food fresher for longer while saving energy.

Non-Frost Technology – This is thanks to a system of a single motor, a single evaporator, a ventilation device and to the air treatment that blocks the formation of frost. The cold that is produced is a dry type of cold which can lead to food such as vegetables drying out.
With the innovative Switch Zone, you can turn part of your Freezer into a Fridge (+5°C) or keep it as a freezer (-20°C) providing you with the choice to increase the space in your fridge by +25% so you’re no longer restricted on how and where to store your favorite fresh and frozen groceries. The change is as easy as flicking a switch and can change from the fridge to the freezer in just 6 hours.

The Dry Zone maintains low humidity. This creates an optimal environment to store foods such as cheese and meat while the Humidity Zone uses Haier’s Humidity Control System (HCS) to keep moisture levels high, ideal for most fruits and vegetables. Keeping foods in the correct conditions preserves nutrients and freshness and helps with less food waster, saving you money on replacing items. These zones use a plant fiber membrane to maintain 90% humidity helping to extend the shelf life of your fresh foods between 4 to 7 days.

Haier’s solution to bacterial build-up is a special UV light system with the freshness filters which emits UV rays to eliminate 99.8% of bacteria.

Ever heard of the Day Light Tower LED? It increases visibility within the fridge by up to 10 times! It has a 3 second gradually activation for natural illumination.

Follow this link for more info and specs:…/…/haier-htf-610dm7/

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