Baraldi | 01LEA060BL80DD [60]

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A linear hood with a perfect extraction surface which, thanks to a controlled heating system, prevents the vapors from creating condensation. The residual drops are collected inside the hood and evaporated without the need for any intervention.The DRY DROP function can be activated when necessary and switches off automatically through a timer. The hood is equipped with efficient low-consumption motors, LED lights and electronic control panel.

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Measures60 - 90cm
MaterialStainless Steel
ControlsBacklit touch control panel
Functions4 speeds with intensive, timer, automatic switch-off, / replace. filters
SuctionPerimeter with openable panel
Outlet Hole Diameter120-150mm with non-return valve
Grease FilterHi-Filter hooked to aluminum filters
Min. Dist. Cooking Surface65cm
Consumption classA
Motor EfficiencyA
Lights EfficiencyA
Filter efficiencyC-A*
Motor CapacityUp to 900m3/h
Pressure560 Pa
Annual Consumption58 Kw / year
Noise level in 3rd speed55 dB
Lights2 x 4W LED

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