Baraldi | 01TEC090ITB70 [90]

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Inverted “T” kitchen hood. Structure and fireplace in satin stainless steel with black glass front.

Available with motor from 700 up to 900 m3 / h.

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MaterialFront and bottom in black glass, structure and chimney in satin stainless steel
ControlsBacklit touch control panel
Functions4 speeds with int., Timer, automatic shut-off
SuctionPerimeter with openable panel
Outlet Hole Diameter120-150mm with non-return valve
Grease FilterIn washable multilayer aluminum
Min. Dist. Cooking Surface65cm
Consumption classA
Motor EfficiencyA
Lights EfficiencyA
Filter efficiencyC-A*
Motor CapacityUp to 900m3/h
Pressure560 Pa
Annual Consumption58 Kw / year
Noise level in 3rd speed58 dB
Lights1 x 7W LED

Total grease filter: additional 95% (A *) grease
filter Anti-odor filter: 2 on the motor sides with activated carbon
Hi-Filter: washable and regenerable anti-odor filter
Chimney kit: fixed + extendable
Remote control
Removable motor: available for internal or external

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