Baraldi | 01EVAIS060ST80 [60]

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A perfect conical shape for a beautiful, refined and full of charm hanging hood. It is a product available in stainless steel, white or in the new and surprising oriental gold color that gives prestige to the most important kitchens. Equipped with a latest generation engine of 800 m3 / h and high power LEDs, it is controlled by a remote control. Filtration takes place through carbon filters or with the hi-filter which can be washed and regenerated for a total duration of up to 3 years.

Also available in White, Stainless Steel & Gold.

➜2 Years Warranty on Parts & Labour

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MaterialStructure in satin stainless steel, white painted or Oriental gold
Controlswith Remote Control
Functions4 speeds with intensive
SuctionPerimeter with openable panel
Outlet Hole Diameter120 - 150 mm with non-return valve
Grease FilterIn washable multilayer aluminum Odor
Filter2 on the motor sides with activated carbon
Min. Dist. Cooking Surface65cm
Cables Metallic3 x 160cm
Consumption classA
Motor EfficiencyA
Lights EfficiencyA
Filter efficiencyC
Motor CapacityUp to 900m3/h
Pressure590 Pa
Annual Consumption49 Kw / year
Noise level in 3rd speed58 dB
Lights4 x 1W LED

Aluminium Grease Filter – 02FP277295
Charcoal Odor Filter – 01FCT277295
Remote Control + APP x smartphone – 09TELECOMANRF22
Kit 4 Cables of 1,5 meters to hang it – 01SETCAVIXEN90

Hi-Filter – Washable and Regenerable Odor Filter – 02HF577295 – €63

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