Baraldi | 01ROX090BL80 [90]

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A precise curve for a perfect vacuum hob. The curved glass with the slots in the right position allow you to capture fumes and vapors quickly and effectively. The panel lifts to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. The hood is equipped with efficient motors dedicated to low consumption, LED lights and a touch button panel.

The available options are: Hi-filter or total grease filter.

  • Aluminum Grease Filter – 02FP530345358 [1 Filter] – INCLUDED

➜2 Years Warranty on Parts & Labour

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MaterialBlack / silver glass, structure and fireplace painted in black
Functions4 speeds with int. automatic shutdown timer
SuctionCentral elliptical
ControlsBacklit touch control panel
Outlet Hole Diameter120 - 150 mm with non-return valve
VersionSuction - Filtering
Grease Filterin washable multilayer aluminum
Min. Dist. Cooking Surface40cm
Rear OutletAvailable on Structure
Consumption classA
Motor EfficiencyA
Lights EfficiencyA
Filter efficiencyC
Motor CapacityUp to 900m3/h
Pressure590 Pa
Annual Consumption49 Kw / year
Noise level in 3rd speed58 dB
Lights2 x 3W LED

Accessories and Optional Filters
Kit Telescopic Chimneys – Fix + Extensible – 01PLSKITCAMBL – €80
Total Grease Filter – Filtro Aggiuntivo Antigrassi 95% – 02TG345358 – €31
Odor Filter – 2 Charcoal Filters on the Motor Sides – 02FCCARBGRUP [Kit w/ 2 Filters] – €24
Hi-Filter – Washable and Regenerable Odor Filter – 02HF345358 [1 Filter] – €51

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