Delonghi | DEXD216RF


Tasciugo AriaDry Multi


Eliminate excessive moisture and create a favorable atmosphere at home.

  • Remove up to 16 liters of excess moisture in 24 hours
  • Neutralize harmful bacteria and allergens by removing excess moisture
  • 3-action filtration filter – Dust Filter + Allergen Filter + Active Carbon Filter
  • Easily move the appliance between rooms with its integrated handles and wheels
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Eliminate excessive moisture and create a favourable atmosphere at home with Delonghi Tasciugo Dry Dehumidifiers – 16 litre/day Dehumidifier
Tasciugo Ariadry Multi is certified by the Allergy Standards Foundation as suitable for people with asthma and allergies. Dehumidifiers make your home less hospitable to mites and bacteria, reducing irritation to the skin or respiratory system, allowing you and your family to breathe easier.

Model NumberDEXD216RF
Moisture removal in normal mode 30°C/80% (l/24h)16
Air flow (m3/h)125 (Max)
Noise level (min-max) (dB(A))40
Water tank capacity (l)2.1
Working condition: temperature °C (°F)/ Relative Humidity (RH%)2°/30°C
For rooms up to (m³)75
Ventilation speeds2
Input power (W)285
Laundry FunctionYes
Controls TypeMechanical
Adjustable humidistatYes
Electronic anti-frost deviceYes
Continuous drainage facilityYes
Tank Control SystemYes
Frontal access to water containerYes
Water level windowYes
Dust filterYes
Active carbon filterYes
AntiAlllergy filterYes
Asthma & Allergy FriendlyYes
Dimensions (hxwxd) (mm)508x334x220
Weight (Kg)10.5

3-action filtration system
For an ideal atmosphere at home, this dehumidifier is equipped with 30action filtration system: a dust filter to remove larger particles, a removable allergen filter capturing allergens and an active carbon filter helping to eliminate unpleasant odours.

Clothes drying function
Dedicated clothes drying function optimising functioning for the specific need.

Mindful of the environment
This dehumidifier is made with a minimum of 30% recycled plastic.

Continuous drainage
Conveniently use the dehumidfier also in severe conditions or for long operating times by continuously discharging the removed moisture through the pipe (included)

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