Haier | HAHG7W5HEB [75]

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  • 5 Burners of which 1 Double Burner
  • Cast Iron Pan Supports
  • Preci Flame
  • Dimensions: 9cm X 74.5cm X 51cm

Warranty: 5 Years on Parts & Labour

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Gas On Metal Series 6
Haier’s Gas On Metal Series 6 hob uses a stunning combination of cast iron hobs and a dark metal surface to give your kitchen a minimalist design. The knobs and elegant metal surface give a sophisticated look to the hob, while Preci Flame ensures that performance is optimized thanks to the choice of 9 precise heat settings for each stove, including a powerful burner.

FinishBlack Matt
InstallationBuilt In
Hob TypeGas
No of Burners5
of Which1 Double Burner
Voltage (V)220-240V
Type of SafetyElectromagnetic for Each Burner
Control MethodKnobs
Grids TypeCast Iron
Special FeaturesPreci Flame
Dimensions (Height X Width X Depth) cm9cm X 74.5cm X 51cm
Gross Weight16KGS
Net Weight15KGS

Cast iron grills, a solid base for excellent cooking
The black cast iron grids are perfectly designed to complement the design of your hob. Not only are these grills designed to last, they also add an element of elegant sophistication to your kitchen surface.

A powerful burner to speed up cooking
The double ring of fire of our burner ensures a more even distribution of heat under the pot or pan, which means more constant temperature inside. No more cold edges and hot center: everything is cooked at the same temperature and in less time!

A glass surface that reflects the quality of your kitchen
With the addition of a glass insert, it transforms a simple stainless steel hob into a stylish kitchen appliance with a premium finish.

Set the heat for perfect cooking with Preci Flame
There are exactly 9 reasons why Preci Flame will take your kitchen to the next level. 9 is in fact the number of different power settings available to make sure you choose exactly the heat you need for perfect results in the kitchen. Find your level and make your dish perfect.

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