Haier | HAFRSJ64MC

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  • Cooking Assistant Cook with me
  • Flexible Area
  • VaryCook: To change the heat setting, all you need to do is move the pan
  • Multislider: change the power with the swipe of a finger
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity VIA hOn APP
  • Dimensions: 5.6cm X 59cm X 52cm

Warranty: 5 Years on Parts & Labour

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Induction hobs Series 4
The minimalist design of the Haier 4 series induction hob makes your kitchen modern and elegant, and the innovative Multislider interface makes the cooking process as simple as the smooth surface of the hob. Thanks to the “Cook with Me” function in our hOn app you will also get your personal assistant in the kitchen.

FinishBlack Glass
InstallationBuilt In
Hob TypeInduction
No of Zones4
Voltage (V)220-240V
Type of ControlTouch Controls
Power of 1st Heating Element2000 (3000)
Power of 2nd Heating Element2000 (3000)
Power of 3rd Heating Element1500 (2000)
Power of 4th Heating Element1500 (2000)
Special FeaturesVary Cook
Wi-Fi Connection
Dimensions (Height X Width X Depth) cm5.6cm X 59cm X 52cm
Gross Weight13kgs
Net Weight12kgs

Just move the pot up and down to find the perfect temperature.
There is no need to get into complicated arrangements, just move the pot properly. When you want to get higher or lower temperature, just move the pot up or down and the power level will change automatically. This technique is great for making sauces or desserts.

An intuitive and stylish way to control induction hobs that makes cooking even easier
What if you could have your own user interface that is instantly understandable and fun to set up? Multislider is a simple and intuitive control with one finger swipe, change the heating power freely and quickly.

Your personal cooking assistant Cook with me
A world of recipes at your fingertips! In our hOn app you can choose from 100 recipes with cooking assisted by your personal assistant and 30 special programs divided into different food categories and types of dishes.

Product Sheet
Energy Label
Product Fiche
Instruction Manual
EU Declaration of Conformity

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