Haier | HAVG6BF4HB [60]

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  • 4 Burners of which 1 Double Burner
  • Cast Iron Plate Support
  • Preci Flame
  • Bezel Design
  • 9.5cm X 59.5cm X 51cm

Warranty: 5 Years on Parts & Labour

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Gas On Glass Series 4
Haier Glass Gas Series 4 countertops are characterized by the elegant combination of tempered glass and black cast iron to offer a minimalist design in your kitchen. The Premium controls and the stylized black glass surface complete its sophisticated look, while the Preci Flame guarantees the optimization of its performance by being able to choose between 9 precise power levels for each zone, including the powerful larger burner.

FinishBlack Matt
InstallationBuilt In
Hob TypeGas
No of Burners4
of Which1 Double Burner
Voltage (V)220-240V
Type of SafetyElectromagnetic for Each Burner
Control MethodKnobs
Grids TypeCast Iron
Special FeaturesPreci Flame
Bezel Design
Dimensions (Height X Width X Depth) cm9.5cm X 59.5cm X 51cm
Gross Weight14KGS
Net Weight13.5KGS

Perfection down to the smallest detail with bezel design
It may seem like just a detail, but it makes a difference. The design of our bevel adds an elegant touch to your countertop.

Master the heat for precise cooking with the Preci Flame
There are exactly 9 reasons why Preci Flame will take your kitchen to the next level. In fact, that’s how many different energy power levels are available to select from, ensuring you can choose the exact power you need to enjoy perfect results in the kitchen. Too high a power can burn your food while not enough power can ruin its texture. Find your level and turn it into a perfect dish.

Cast iron grids, solid base for excellent cooking
The black finished cast iron grates are perfectly designed to complement the design of your worktop surface, so these heavy duty grates are not only built to last but add another element of elegant sophistication to your kitchen surface.

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