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  • E [as per new energy label 2021]
  • Inverter Motor
  • Non-Frost Technology
  • 329kWh per year
  • ABT
  • 528L Total Net Capacity
  • 38dB
  • 190cm X 91cm X 75cm

Warranty: 10 Years Motor, 5 Years Parts and Labour

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Cube 90 Series 5
Explore the elegance of the Cube 90 refrigerator, available in various finishes, each one exuding sophistication. With widths of 90 cm and heights ranging from 190 cm to 200 cm, there’s a model to fit every kitchen space. Featuring Haier’s revolutionary Fresher Techs®, these refrigerators ensure your groceries stay fresher for longer. The Cube 90 Series 5 guarantees perfect food preservation with specialized zones equipped with advanced technologies, alongside dedicated zones designed to extend food freshness.

Model NumberHCR5919ENMM
FinishStainless Steel
InstallationFree Standing
Energy ClassD (as per new energy label 2021)
Energy Consumption 353kWh/year
No of Compressors1
Compressor TypeInverter
Defrost process fridge sectionAutomatic
Defrost process freezer sectionAutomatic
Multi Air FlowYes
Super FreezeYes
Holiday ModeYes
Chiller ZoneNo
Fresh ZoneNo
3Sec LockYes
Child LockYes
Smart CoolNo
Super Cooling FunctionYes
Display ControlElectronic
Control PositionDoor Control Panel
No of Freezing Drawers4 + 2 Shelves
Material of ShelvesGlass
Shelves FinishSilver Frame
Reversible DoorNo
HandlesComfortable Integrated Handles
Telescopic GuideYes
Interior LightLED
My Zone
My Zone Temperature
No of Crisper DrawersN/A
No of Egg Trays1
Water DispenserNo
Water Dispenser TypeN/A
Ice MakerNo
Ice TwisterNo
Ice Cube TrayYes
Total Unit Capacity 643LTRS
Freezer Capacity221LTRS
Fridge Capacity422LTRS
Climate ClassT
Noise dB39(A)
Storage Period in Event of Power Failure10HRS
Dimensions (Height X Width X Depth) cm190.5cm X 90.8cmX 74.8cm
Gross Weight135KGS
Net Weight125KGS

Class E
Opt for a Haier Class E refrigerator and enjoy significant energy savings, enhanced efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Compared to F-Class models, it boasts a remarkable 20% reduction in energy consumption. Choose Haier for a greener, more efficient kitchen appliance solution.

Maintain the flavor, consistency and juiciness of food up to 99%*
Experience superior freshness with Haier Air Surround Fresher Tech, where air circulates smoothly and delicately around the refrigerator. Special side outlets evenly distribute cold air, ensuring food is enveloped without direct airflow, thus preventing weight loss and drying. This innovative system maintains food flavor, consistency, and juiciness up to 99%* after 7 days, akin to the first day.

*Test conducted by an independent external technical laboratory comparing AIR SURROUND with DIRECT FLOW technology (Haier Group models: CFE735CSJ and CVBN6184WBF/S1).

Keeps food fresh for twice as long*.
Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for twice as long* with Haier’s Humidity Zone drawer. Featuring HCS (Humidity Control System) technology, it utilizes a plant fiber membrane to maintain humidity levels at 90% inside the compartment. This precise humidity control prevents condensed water formation, thereby preserving nutritional content longer. Certified by VDE standard n° ID.40046454.

*Based on certification data.

Choose the right temperature for each food
Discover MyZone, born from Haier’s commitment to innovation and exceeding customer expectations. This feature empowers you to adjust compartment temperatures effortlessly. Simply slide the control on the drawer to select between Vegetables & Fruits or Meat/Fish, adapting to your storage needs in real-time.

Keep your refrigerator free of bacteria to maintain flavors for longer
Haier’s exclusive T-ABT® technology utilizes tourmaline and cordierite ions in refrigerator airflow to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria. This clean air flow prevents food cross-contamination, preserves original flavors, and ensures hygiene, safeguarding your health.

Efficient and quiet for faster cooling
Haier’s advanced engineering inverter compressors are designed for minimal vibrations, ensuring quieter operation. Enjoy exceptional energy efficiency and rapid cooling, setting new standards in refrigerator technology.

High-performance technology for effortless maintenance
Haier’s Total No Frost technology prevents frost formation in your freezer, safeguarding your frozen foods and minimizing energy losses. Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with no need to defrost your freezer again.

Greater clarity thanks to LED interior lighting
Illuminate and effortlessly view the contents of your refrigerator with bright LED lighting positioned at the top.

Stay in control in style
Monitor and control your refrigerator’s conditions effortlessly with an easy-to-use digital touch screen. This convenient feature allows you to adjust the temperature of both the refrigerator and freezer independently with a simple touch, all without needing to open the door.

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