Haier | Pearl Series [24,000BTUs]

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Outdoor Unit: 1U68WEGFRA
Indoor Unit: AS68PDAHRA

Evaporator Self Cleaning
Wi-Fi Control
Super Quiet
24 HRS Timer
UVC Sterilization
Blue Fin
On-Off Card
1W Standby
56°C Steri-Clean
Concealed LED Display
Auto Restart
Coanda Plus Airflow
I Feel
Central Control
Wired Control Kit – OPTIONAL

Warranty: 5 Years on Parts and Labour

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Model NoAS68PDAHRA (Indoor Unit)
1U68WEGFRA (Outdoor Unit)
InstallationHigh Wall
Cooling Capacity7.0kW
Seer ClassA++
Scop ClassA+++
Dimensions (Width X Depth X Height) cm97cm X 22cm X 32cm
Copper Size
Copper Length
Refrigerant Charge
Pre Charged up to (m)7
Extra (g/m)20
Power Supply O/U
Noise Level dB (A)37/45/47

The Pearl Air Conditioner and Air Purifier

Key Features:
Advanced Air Purification

Equipped with the “UVC Generator Module” that emits ultraviolet rays to sanitize environments.
Incorporates Self Clean and Steri Clean 56° technologies for deep cleaning of the evaporator and internal components.

Maximum Comfort
Silent operation with a sound level of just 18 dB(A).
Coanda effect ensures optimal air distribution:
Cooling Mode: Cold air is directed parallel to the ceiling, descending evenly from ceiling to floor, avoiding direct cold drafts on people.
Heating Mode: Warm air is directed to the floor, circulating throughout the space to maintain a constant temperature.

Smart Control with the “hOn” App
Manage all Haier Group appliances from a single app on your smartphone or tablet.
Simple and intuitive interface for easy control of basic and purification functions.
Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for voice command operation.

Self-Clean Sanitization
Self Clean technology freezes and defrosts the evaporator surface to eliminate accumulated dirt, ensuring thorough sanitization.

Low Sound Level
Operates at a quiet 20 dB(A), thanks to the optimized design of the fan, air ducts, and motor.

Intelligent Air Distribution
Automatically orients baffles to best distribute airflow according to the mode setting.

Purification: UV-C Lamp, Self Clean, and Steri Clean 56° technologies.
Connectivity: Standard Wi-Fi and the new “hOn” app.
Comfort: Coanda Plus airflow for optimal air distribution.

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