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🡆A class
🡆DotMatrix display
🡆Inverter Motor
🡆Advanced programs + Flex zone
🡆Programs with artificial intelligence

Warranty: 5 Years Parts and Labour


Introducing a top-of-the-line Class A dishwasher that you’ll adore for its exceptional performance and sleek design. Its cutting-edge technology provides a customized washing and drying experience for your cutlery. Additionally, its innovative sensors optimize resource usage, making it an excellent choice for reducing consumption, benefiting both you and the environment.

Model NoXF4A4M4PA
InstallationFree Standing
No of Placings14
ConnectivityAdvanced remote control and content (Wi-Fi + BLE)
IoT ApphOn
Number of programs8
Automatic ProgramsYes
Half loadYes
End of cycle indicatorYes
Light indicator lack of saltYes
Brightening indicatorYes
Delay start options1-23 HRS
Antibacterial Filter (ABT)No
Total water blockYes
Automatic Door OpeningYes
Third trayYes
Adjustable top basketYes with easy-click
Safety-stop in lower basketYes
Drying SystemCondensation
Folding GrillesAll Rows - Bottom
Smart sensor systemYes
Electronic push-button controlDot matrix
Maximum temperature for water intake (ºC)60
Dimensions (Height X Width X Depth) cm85cm X 60cm X 60cm
Net Weight (kg)55kgs
Gross Weight (kg)56kgs

Class A Performance
The most innovative technologies, for the most efficient energy class. The Inverter motor and its high-tech design allow us to respect the environment and, thanks to the new Energy Class A, achieve maximum performance with minimum consumption.

A real-time control panel
DotMatrix is ​​an intuitive display that gives you a revolutionary washing experience, showing you all the information you need, such as Eco index, water consumption, temperature and time. You can always keep your cycles under control!

Unleash the power of an innovative and durable engine.
The new Haier Dishwasher is equipped with the Inverter Motor, an innovative and durable brushless motor, capable of reducing noise and vibrations. This reduction increases the durability of the motor, while reducing energy consumption.

Different programs for perfect results
There are hundreds of programs ready to take care of your dishes, from delicate programs to those designed for very dirty pots. And if you want to use them simultaneously you can try the Flex zone wash cycle, which will gently wash the upper baskets while cleaning the lower one more intensely.

Artificial intelligence and sensors at your command
Artificial Intelligence and the entire set of sensors are ready to take the dishwasher’s performance to a higher level without losing sight of efficiency. In fact, you will be able to enjoy more time for what you really like, since the dishwasher is capable of autonomously choosing the best cycle to use in terms of cleaning results, energy and water consumption.

A dishwasher that adapts to your needs
Run the wash cycle only when necessary. By pressing the dedicated program button, you can choose whether to activate the spray in the upper or lower basket. Or both. A truly independent wash that reduces unnecessary water waste and energy consumption.

A new functional design
Extraordinary cleaning results in a short time, even with fast programs. All this is possible thanks to the innovative “H”-shaped lower spray arm, designed to have a double path of movement and the best coverage. A feature for superior performance.

All the information about the programs at your fingertips
Thanks to the revolutionary PartLight, a modern and sophisticated light bar, located under the door handle, with which you can constantly monitor the status of your washing cycles.

Performance increases without waste
Enjoy the brilliant results of 4 times more water flow, thanks to Haier Powerwash with 4 additional jets located in the “pot” area of ​​the lower basket. In terms of power, this system sprays 13 liters of water per minute instead of the standard ones with their 3 liters per minute. All this is designed to easily remove even the most stubborn scabs: exceptional performance, without affecting consumption.

More spacious than you imagine
Enjoy a larger and deeper space inside the dishwasher thanks to the Maxi Tub. The interior space provides the largest capacity on the market for a standard-size dishwasher, accommodating even the largest kitchen utensils such as baking trays, cutting boards and salad bowls.

The perfect cycle for each load
Thanks to the innovative Washing-Lens function, the hOn application guarantees you a completely personalized wash for each need. Simply select the function in the hOn app and take a photo of your dishwasher basket so that Artificial Intelligence will suggest the perfect wash cycle based on the quantity and type of load. Excellent results, optimized consumption.

Better cleaning. Up to 60% better.
Cutlery Shine Plus and H-Spray technologies give your dishes an extraordinary shine. A perfect combination, for up to 60% better cleaning performance*. *Compared to a dishwasher equipped with standard washing systems.

Perfect cleaning of your cutlery
Cutlery Shine Plus is an innovative patented technology that, thanks to five mechanical rotating nozzles and an additional sprayer on the top of the tub, guarantees the best cutlery cleaning results, spraying the necessary amount of water with the appropriate precision and pressure . For outstanding results.

Designed to better place your dishes.
Organize your dishes as you wish, thanks to the flexible lower basket equipped with 8 lines of folding racks, which can be raised or lowered. This way, you can gain all the space you need for perfect cleaning.

A perfectly adjustable basket
A solution that optimizes the space of your dishwasher by easily adjusting the height of the upper basket according to your loading needs.

Maximum care for your most delicate dishes
The new cup holders, the specific double rubber support and the new rubber protective mat make this Haier dishwasher ideal for taking care of all your dishes, even the most delicate ones. This way, with each cycle you won’t have to worry about your crystals, ceramics, wine glasses and other delicate dishes.

Automatic opening for more sustainable drying
A little trick – manually activated and deactivated – that significantly reduces consumption: at the end of each program, the dishwasher door opens automatically, letting in the appropriate amount of air. For natural and sustainable drying.

Don’t take risks with Total water block system
Avoid flooding due to machine malfunction or breaks in the rubber tubes thanks to the Washlens Plus Total Water Block System. This system drastically improves the safety of the dishwasher, avoiding any risk to users and the environment.

User Manual
Energy Label
Decleration of Conformity
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