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Vacuum Cleaners

Being that the Thomas brand is a German company; all Thomas Vacuum Cleaners are manufactured in Germany. These vacuum cleaners are very popular due to their design and quality. Also, they are particularly powerful.  They even meet the highest of standards because they are equipped with high-quality Blue CleanAir HEPA 13 filter system. What makes them powerful? The way they clean carpets, carpeted flood and hard floors! With their special parquet attachment, they gently remove dust and dirt from the sensible floors such as parquets and real woof floors.

Different types of vacuum cleaners.

Different types of vacuum cleaners are available. For example: small, agile, light, quiet, economical and good-looking. Our dream vacuum cleaners for every household! Can vacuuming be fun? There’s no doubt about that! Our customers have really liked these German manufactured vacuum cleaners as they are trendy, different and for sure they deduct half of the hours that housework takes!

New Techniques

Is there any technique that achieves more? With this new technique, Thomas has surely answered to all your needs! With the unique AQUA+ Technology, you don’t only vacuum! You wipe, spray and purify the air simultaneously. That means you’ll have less dirt from carpets and upholstery, from wood and stone floors, laminate and parquet flooring…. But that’s not all! EVEN FROM AMBIENT AIR! All that without dust bags.  Its technology works with only a liter of tap water and a water filter system, which binds dust and dirt particles in its filter and prevents dust from reaching into the exhaust air during using.

Pet & Family

Another vacuum cleaner is Pet & Family! This vacuum cleaner is a professional in animal hair and stain removal. With the same unique AQUA+ technology it vacuums animal hairs, house dust, and mites! It binds these reliably in water.

Clean Air Washer

Every dreamed that with a vacuum cleaner you’ll have more clean air? Or that there is a clean air washer? This clean air washer allows allergy sufferers to breathe freely again! Being dust, mites or pollen, this vacuum cleaner binds everything in the water. All that’s left to do is to simply dispose of with the dirty water. It creates noticeably fresh and clean ambient air, just like after a summer rain!

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