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Block S tar P lus black white is a built-in hood with a lower top painted in white or black. The upper structure is galvanized.

Available in 52 and 72 cm sizes, it is supplied with a 700 m3 / h motor. The push-button panel is electronic , moreover the hood has the exclusive Drydrop technology which prevents the formation of condensation and water drops from the hood, making it an ideal product for use with induction hobs.

The Block star PLUS black white hood can be installed in a suction or filtering version.

In the filtering version, the carbon filters cod. 02FCCARBGRUP or you can alternatively use the special HI-FILTER (long-lasting, washable and regenerable anti-odor filter).

  • Aluminium Grease Filter x cm. 72 – 02FA190170 [2 Filter] – INCLUDED
  • Total Grease Filter – Filtro Aggiuntivo Antigrassi 95% x 72cm – 02TG190170 [2 Filter] – INCLUDED

01BLSP052WH70 – 52cn White Galvanized
01BLSP052BL70 – 52cm Black Galvanized
01BLSP072WH70 – 72cm White Galvanized
01BLSP072BL70 – 72cm Black Galvanized

➜2 Years Warranty on Parts & Labour

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Measures52cm or 72cm
MaterialSatin stainless steel lower surface, galvanized structure
ControlsElectronic Push-Button Panel
Functions4 speeds
SuctionPerimeter on the lower
Outlet Hole Diameter120mm with non-return valve
Grease FilterIn aluminum washable plywood
Min. Dist. Cooking Surface55cm
Consumption classA
Motor EfficiencyA
Lights EfficiencyA
Filter efficiencyC
Motor CapacityUp to 800m3/h
Pressure540 Pa
Annual Consumption53 Kw / year
Noise level in 3rd speed58 dB
Lights1 x 4W LED

Accessories and Optional Filters
Charcoal Odor Filter – 02FCT355144 [1 Filter] – €20
Hi-Filter – Washable and Regenerable Odor Filter x 52cm – 02HF355144 [2 Filter] – €42

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