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  • Hygiene Seal Gasket
  • Connection via hOn app
  • Reversible Doors
  • Humidity Zone
  • Haier In-Tech

Warranty: 5 Years on Parts and Labour

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2D 55 Series 6
Haier’s 2D 55 Series 6 refrigerator is equipped with a refrigerator in the upper part and a freezer in the lower part with a perfect combination of exclusive design and cutting-edge features. 2D 55 Series 6 refrigerators guarantee a long shelf life of your food thanks to specific zones such as Humidity Zone and the latest technologies such as Haier Air Surround.

Model NumberHBW5518E
InstallationBuilt In
Defrost TypeAutomatic
Energy Class E [New Energy Label]
Annual Energy Consumption216kWh/A
Fridge Gross Capacity186LTRS
Freezer Gross Capacity62LTRS
Climate ClassST|N
Noise Level37
Dimensions (Height X Depth X Width) cm177.2cm X 54.5cm X 54cm

No mold in your fridge
The Hygiene seal is a special anti-mold treatment applied to the door seals of both the refrigerator and the freezer, which reduces the proliferation of mold. The result is a safer appliance, better storage conditions and fresher food for longer.

Optimal installation of your refrigerator
Thanks to Haier In-Tech, the installation of this refrigerator is simple and its design adapts perfectly to all types of kitchen. This refrigerator is quick to install thanks to its 5 fixing points, which facilitate the handling of the product once inserted into the column. Its dimensions and the reversible door allow it to adapt to different types of kitchens and designs, according to any need. Nothing has been left to chance: covers are available for all fixing points and hinges, with great attention to detail.

Customize your kitchen design
To always satisfy all needs, we create products that can adapt to any space. The reversible doors of our freezers, for example, allow you to install them anywhere in the space that best suits your needs, giving you absolute freedom.

The Humidity Zone keeps food fresh twice as long
Haier’s handy Humidity Zone keeps your foods fresher twice as long *. This happens thanks to the HCS (Humidity Control System) technology, a membrane in vegetable fiber capable of maintaining humidity at 90% and automatically managing the right humidity. This prevents condensation from forming inside the drawer. By keeping the humidity inside the compartment at 90%, fresh air is still allowed to circulate, so you can keep your foods and their nutrients longer.
* as certified by VDE ID No. 40046454

Discover the new tailor-made experience connected with the hOn app
In Haier’s smart home, tailor-made solutions are offered to guarantee you the best experience. The App hOn offers the customer an infinite set of interactions with the product, thanks to many intelligent functions such as the Proactive Temperature, the Advanced Drink Assistant and My Inventory. The hOn app and artificial intelligence offer innovative functions that anticipate your needs for freshness.

The ideal storage conditions for fruit and vegetables
With its particularly refined cooling conditions, the Fruit & Vegetables Box is the right place to store fruit and vegetables. Enjoy healthier meals and snacks!

It does not create frost and minimizes bacterial proliferation
The Total no frost technology avoids the formation of frost in the freezer, in this way it is not necessary to periodically defrost the freezer. This technology is also useful in the refrigerator by reducing the formation of mold and bacteria by up to 94% *.
* Test results released by an independent external technical laboratory comparing a Haier Group refrigerator with Total No Frost technology to a Haier Group refrigerator with static technology.

Reduce consumption by up to 20%
Choosing Haier E-Class Refrigerators means saving energy, improving performance efficiency and respecting the environment. -20% consumption compared to Class F.

Maintains the taste, texture and juiciness of food up to 99% * after 7 days as on day 1.
With Haier Air Surround Fresher Tech, air circulates around the refrigerator more gently. Thanks to the special side vents on the column, this system evenly distributes the cold air embracing the food throughout the refrigerator cavity and thus avoiding the direct flow on the food, without causing deterioration and drying of the food. That’s why Haier Air Surround maintains the taste, texture and juiciness of food by up to 99% * after 7 days as if it were the first day.
* Test results issued by an independent external technical laboratory comparing a refrigerator with Total No Frost Circle + technology to a refrigerator with direct flow technology.

Cooling and freezing on request
By setting the Super cool and Super freeze functions, the temperature quickly reaches the minimum temperature for the refrigerator and freezer whenever it is necessary to quickly cool food and drinks.

Select the right temperature
The refrigerator is equipped with a display in the upper part where it is possible to independently set the temperature of the refrigerator (from 2 ° C to 8 ° C) and of the freezer (from -16 ° C to -24 ° C). From the display it is possible to set other functions such as Holiday, Eco, Super cool, Super freeze and connect your refrigerator thanks to the new hOn app.

Avoid freezer burns on food
The TCS is a system of three sensors that automatically detect the temperature fluctuations inside the refrigerator and freezer due to the opening of the door or the insertion of food that is still hot. The inverter compressor, together with the sensors, reduces temperature fluctuations to a minimum, avoiding freezer burns on food.

Manage the layout of your refrigerator according to your needs
This refrigerator offers not only large storage capacity, but also better space management. You can place shelves and balconies in multiple locations up to 100 different layouts depending on your needs.

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