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  • Internal screen with adjustment by zones
  • Fresh Box
  • Temperature Control System
  • Extra space with a built-in bottom bracket
  • Reversible doors

Warranty: 5 Years on Parts and Labour

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2D 70 SERIES 6
The Haier SERIES 6 2D 70, with the fridge on top and the freezer on the bottom, is the perfect blend of high-end design and cutting-edge features. The 2D SERIES 6 refrigerators guarantee long-term food preservation thanks to specialized areas, such as the Humidity Zone, and the latest technologies, such as Haier Air Surround. The refrigerator fits a 75 cm kitchen column and has 50% more space in the entire refrigerator*.
*compared to a standard 177cm H x 55cm W refrigerator

Model NumberHBW5719E
InstallationBuilt In
Defrost TypeAutomatic
Energy Class E [New Energy Label]
Annual Energy Consumption239kWh/A
Fridge Gross Capacity281LTRS
Freezer Gross Capacity83LTRS
Climate ClassSN-N-ST-T
Door Hinges Right & Reversible
Noise Level33
Dimensions (Height X Depth X Width) cm193.5cm X 54.5cm X 69cm

Choose the right temperature
The refrigerator has a display on the top where you can independently adjust the temperature of the refrigerator (from 2°C to 8°C) and of the freezer (from -16°C to -24°C). From the screen it is possible to configure other functions such as vacations, eco, super cool, super freeze and connect your refrigerator to WIFI thanks to the new App hOn.

Keep raw food at a constant temperature
The Fresh Box is an extremely useful drawer that can maintain a constant low temperature to create the perfect conditions for preserving raw meat and fish, protecting flavor and nutritional value.

Avoid burns in the freezing of your food
The TCS is a system of three sensors that automatically detect fluctuations in temperature inside both the refrigerator and the freezer due to the opening of the door or the introduction of still-warm food. Thanks to the inverter compressor together with the sensors, they minimize temperature fluctuations, avoiding freezer burns on the food stored inside.

50% more space in your fridge
Plenty of space in a built-in undermount – Compared to the standard 177 cm height x 55 cm width built-in fridge, this new fridge with the dimensions of 193 cm height and 70 cm width increases the storage space by 50%. the whole fridge.

Customize the design of your kitchen
To ensure that we always meet all of our customers’ needs, at Haier we strive to create products capable of adapting to any space. The reversible doors of our freezers allow you to install them anywhere in the space that suits your needs, giving you absolute freedom.

Manage the configuration of your refrigerator according to your needs
This refrigerator not only offers a generous storage capacity, but also better space management. You can place the shelves and balconies in various positions in up to 100 arrangements depending on your needs.

Discover a tailor-made smart experience with the hOn App
In a Haier smart home, tailor-made solutions provide the best life experience for end-users, thanks to a new set of extraordinary opportunities. The hOn App offers the customer infinite interactions with the product, thanks to multiple intelligent functions such as Proactive Temperature, Advanced Drink Assistant and My Inventory. The hOn App and Artificial Intelligence offer innovative features that anticipate your cooling needs.

Humidity Zone preserves food up to 2 times longer
Haier’s convenient Humidity Zone drawer keeps your food fresh twice as long*. This happens thanks to the HCS (Humidity Control System) technology, a vegetable fiber membrane that can maintain humidity at 90% and automatically manages the right humidity. This prevents water from condensing inside the drawer. By keeping the humidity inside the compartment at 90%, it continues to allow fresh air to circulate, thus storing your groceries and also maintaining their nutritional content for longer.
*with VDE certification No. ID.40046454

Minimizes the creation of ice and bacteria
Total No Frost technology prevents the formation of frost in the freezer, so it is not necessary to defrost the freezer periodically. This technology also has benefits in the refrigerator by reducing the formation of mold and bacteria by up to 94%*.
*Results of tests carried out by an independent third-party technical laboratory comparing a Haier group refrigerator with Total No Frost technology with a Haier group refrigerator with Static technology.

Maintains the flavor, consistency and juiciness of food up to 99%* after 7 days as the first day
With Haier Air Surround Fresher Tech, the air flows around the refrigerator more smoothly and delicately. Thanks to the special lateral outlets on the column, this system evenly distributes cold air, embracing the food throughout the entire refrigerator cavity, thus avoiding direct flow over the food and without causing weight loss and drying. That’s why Haier Air Surround maintains the flavor, consistency and juiciness of food up to 99%* after 7 days like the first day.
*Results of tests issued by an independent external technical laboratory comparing a refrigerator with Total No Frost Circle + technology with a refrigerator with direct flow technology.

Refrigeration and freezing to suit you
By activating the Super cool and Super freeze functions, the temperature quickly reaches the minimum temperature for the fridge and freezer whenever you need to quickly cool down food and drinks.

Reduce consumption up to 20%
Choosing Haier E-Class refrigerators means saving energy, improving performance efficiency and respecting the environment. -20% consumption compared to the F-Class.

Haier IN-TECH: An unbeatable installation of your refrigerator
Thanks to Haier’s IN-TECH technology, the installation of this refrigerator is simple and its design adapts perfectly to all types of kitchens. This refrigerator is quick to install thanks to its 5 fixing points, which facilitate the handling of the product when it is inserted into the column. Its dimensions and the reversible door allow it to be adapted to different types of kitchens and designs, according to any need. Nothing has been left to chance: there are covers for all the fixing points and hinges, which demonstrates great attention to detail.

Say goodbye to mold in the fridge
Hygiene Gasket is a special anti-mold treatment on the door gaskets, both in the fridge and freezer, which reduces the proliferation of mold. The result is a safer appliance, better storage conditions and fresher food for longer.

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New Energy Label
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