Haier | ES50V-A3

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Incoloy Heating Element: Superior Thermal efficient heating element made of Incoloy 800 high-grade stainless steel ensures long life & better resistance to scaling.

RSC Technology: RSC Technology ensures the user’s consistent flow of hot water through the circle rounded structure of the inlet tube.

High-Pressure Rating: High-pressure rating of 8 bar (kg/cm2) or 116 psi, more than double of the ordinary water heater. Ideal for high rise buildings & pressure pump applications.

Safe Care Technology: PTO10 SafeCare system ensures the users a shockproof environment.

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Voltage (V)220
Frequency (Hz)50
Power (kW)2
Temperature (°C)75
Nominal Pressure (MPa)0.8
Water Pressure (MPa)≥0.05
Waterproofing ClassIPx4
Rated Power (175B-242B)Yes

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