Lofra | Cast Iron Steak

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➜Easy Maintenance
➜Distinct Grill Marks
➜Even Heat Distribution
➜Low Stick Surface

The wavy structure offers the possibility to roast any dish without worrying about excess fat, which flows easily at the bottom base of the plate.

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Model no031900116
InstallationFree Standing
Dimensions (cm)26 X 46cm

Elevate Your Cooking Experience
Prepare to revolutionize your Lofra gas cooker usage with the Lofra Cast Iron Barbecue Tray. Crafted exclusively for Lofra gas cookers, this accessory adds an irresistible sizzle to your culinary routine

The Ribbed Wonder
The tray’s ribbed surface is the secret behind perfect grill marks on meats, fish, chicken, potatoes, and veggies. Expect consistent, professional-grade results that enhance both the visual appeal and taste of your dishes.

Effortless Usage
The tray seamlessly fits onto your Lofra gas cooker, making application and removal a breeze. Enjoy the convenience and simplicity of this user-friendly design.

Grilling Delight
Transform your kitchen into a haven of grilling delights. Whether it’s a quick weekday bite or a leisurely weekend feast, the Lofra Cast Iron Barbecue Tray adds smoky flavours and exquisite textures to your dishes.

Your Grill Companion
Embrace grilled perfection and modern convenience with the Lofra Cast Iron Barbecue Tray. Elevate your cooking game and indulge in the art of grilling without leaving your kitchen.

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