Lofra | Wok Adapter Ring

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➜Easy Maintenance
➜Stability and Support
➜Enhances Safety
➜Even Heat Distribution

Usable on all gas hobs, thanks to its cast-iron structure, it is able to hold the Wok pot, allowing you to cook even recipes of oriental origin in the comfort of your own home.
To be superimposed on the Double Crown or Dual burner.

Item code: 03190152

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Model no03190152
InstallationFree Standing

Universal Fit, Superior Support
Crafted from durable cast iron, the Lofra Wok Ring is designed to seamlessly fit all Lofra gas cookers. Its precision engineering guarantees a snug placement on the gas burner, providing steadfast support for your wok.

Simple Setup, Instant Wok Mastery
Placing the wok ring on your gas burner creates the perfect foundation for your culinary adventures. With your wok securely perched, you’re ready to unleash the art of wok cooking.

Unleash Wok Cooking Mastery
Transform your Lofra gas cooker into a wok-cooking haven. This cast iron wok ring offers stability and convenience, giving you the ideal setup to master the sizzling delights of wok cuisine.

Seize the Wok Culinary Art
Elevate your cooking prowess with the Lofra Cast Iron Wok Ring. Embrace the tradition of wok cooking and let your creativity stir-fry, sauté, and sizzle to perfection.

Wok with Confidence
Turn your Lofra gas cooker into a wok powerhouse effortlessly with the Lofra Cast Iron Wok Ring. Elevate your cooking, experiment fearlessly, and immerse yourself in the world of authentic wok cuisine. Your journey to wok perfection starts here.

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