Lofra | Teppanyaki Steel Fry Top [For Induction & Ceramic]

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➜Easy Maintenance
➜Customizable Cooking Zones
➜Interactive Cooking
➜Even Heat Distribution
➜Healthy Cooking

Dimensions: 23 x 46(h) cm
Item: 03190237

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Model no03190237
InstallationFree Standing

Seamless Integration, Solid Performance
Crafted from cast iron, the Teppanyaki Cooker Table complements all Lofra induction and ceramic cookers seamlessly. While substantial in weight, it’s remarkably easy to place on the cooktop, ensuring a secure fit that guarantees stability during use.

Effortless Setup, Enduring Confidence
Effortlessly position the table on your Lofra induction cooker. Once in place, its steadfast stance ensures a confident cooking experience.

Aesthetics and Functionality Combined
This cooker table marries aesthetics and functionality, enhancing your cooking space while offering a platform for culinary creations that defy convention.

Experience Elevated Cooking
Elevate your culinary ventures with the Teppanyaki Cooker Table. With a simple placement, you’re ready to savour the joys of Teppanyaki-style cooking.

Your Culinary Stage Awaits
Step into a world of flavour and finesse with the Teppanyaki Cooker Table. Transform your induction cooker into a Teppanyaki haven effortlessly. Your culinary journey starts with this sturdy and stylish addition.

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