Lofra | Baking Stone and Wooden Peel [for Pizza]

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➜Easy Maintenance
➜Customizable Cooking Zones
➜Compatible with all Lofra gas and electric ovens
➜Material: Ceramic and Wooden

Item: 03011278

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Model no03011278
InstallationFree Standing

Baking Stone for Pizza
Turn your oven into a pizza party powerhouse with our Baking Stone for Pizza!
Crafted from heat-retaining ceramic, it bakes the perfect crispy crust every time. Plus, it’s not just for pizza – cookies, bread, and more love it too. Get yours and level up your home pizza game!

Wooden Pizza Peel
Meet your kitchen sidekick, the Wooden Pizza Peel!
Made from beautiful, natural wood, it makes sliding pizzas in and out of the oven a breeze. Plus, it doubles as a stylish serving platter. Get one and become the pizza pro you were born to be!

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